Home window tinting or commerical tinting can provide you with security, safety, comfort, and lower utility bills. Kentuckiana Home and Business Tinting offers a wide variety of highly specialized products to meet every need.

We offer a completely risk free window tinting consultation for your home or business. V-KOOL and Hanita Window Films help solve many of the problems you might be experiencing or wish to avoid: heat and glare related issues, security related concerns, or fading of expensive wood floors, carpets, furniture, and artwork.


VKOOL Clear Tints


VKOOL VK70 is a clear and non reflective advanced window film. This German engineered technology features a unique dielectric sputter coating process. It contains atomically fine layers of silver and indium oxide that are enriched with gold. This incredible and thin stack gives VKOOL window tint the highest infrared reflection level in the industry on a 70% light transmission film. If you want the maximum results with the maximum light transmission, VKOOL is your number one choice. We are proud to offer this world class window film product that has been #1 rated by the NFRC.


     Blocks 96% of infrared heat that drives up electricity costs

     Eliminates 99% of the UV rays that can ruin expensive rugs, upholstery and other furnishings

     Has an SPF of 200+ to protect your eyes and skin from damage

     Transmits over 70% of visible light through to preserve the visual integrity of your home

     Allows you to fully enjoy your view at night, as is not the case with reflective window tint

     Lets in maximum daylight to make rooms natural and comfortable

     Windows become shatter resistant

     Reduces glare while preventing hot spots

     Is as optically clear as the glass, a distortion free film

     Is a DYE FREE window film that will not fade or change color

     Has a durable scratch coat and can be cleaned with any regular glass cleaning spray


Reduced Glare Tints

V-KOOL40 is the solution when you are trying to reduce some glare while maximizing your heat control. VK40 will allow 43% light transmission while rejecting 65% of the heat.

     Visible Light Transmittance 42.8%

     Ultraviolet (UV) Rejection 99%

     Total Solar Energy Rejected 64.53%

     Infrared Rejection 98.3%

     Shading Coefficient 0.42

HanitaTek SafetyZone

HanitaTek's SafetyZone safety and security films are renowned for their optical clarity and cleanliness -- the result of top-grade polyester, Hanita's proprietary transparent adhesive, and its strict adherence to demanding ISO 9001 quality assurance. Accredited to the most stringent international glass safety standards, SafetyZone films are the professional installer's choice, delivering performance, price, and installation-friendly flexibility.

SafetyZone Safety and Security window films hold shattered glass in place, delivering shard protection and minimizing the threat of glass-related injuries resulting from impact, collision, blast or natural disaster. Hanita's security solutions protect government, commercial, residential, medical and school buildings across the globe.

HanitaTek Privacy and Decorative Films

Matte privacy films in translucent white or matte silver provide a translucent sandblasted effect to create a pleasant diffused light that adds privacy or designer elegance to doors, windows and room dividers. They offer a cost-effective alternative to etched glass.

White Out, Black Out opaque privacy films are ideal for hiding unattractive views or disguising features that spoil the external appearance of glass-fronted buildings.

Hanita also offers DecoTek, an economic range of translucent vinyl films glass ideal for customizing any space, allowing in soft light so rooms feel bright, but glare-free. DecoTek is available in either sparkling Frosted Crystal, or subtle Dusted Crystal finish.

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